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Trustworthy Scrap Metal Recycling In Bankstown

AME Scrap Metal Recycling is a company that has been serving Bankstown for many years, and we are owned and operated by locals. We are one of the most prominent players of scrap metal recycling in the region, and we provide the highest possible rates for all kinds of non-ferrous scrap metal.


We take great satisfaction in the fact that our company is known for being dependable and trustworthy, and for the fact that we always put our clients first. We are dedicated to delivering a service that is both quick and pleasant.


We provide a service that gives instant cash for scrap in Bankstown and constantly strive to give you the highest price possible for the scrap metal you offer us. Please get in touch with us if you have any inquiries or want further details.

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Just Who Are We?

We are a company that is owned and run by people in the community. We take great satisfaction in being able to serve as a trustworthy resource for both purchasers and vendors of non-ferrous scrap metal near Bankstown. We have a broad network of connections not only in Australia but also in other countries. In most cases, we are able to locate a buyer or seller for almost any kind of non-ferrous scrap metal.


We are constantly interested in purchasing scrap metal that is not ferrous. You can get in touch with us if you have any available for sale. For all varieties of non-ferrous scrap metal, including aluminium, brass, copper, stainless steel, and titanium, we are prepared to provide market competitive rates.

Why should you deal with us for recycling scrap metal?

If you are seeking a scrap metal recycling company in the Bankstown area that is dependable and well-known in the industry, then you should think about selecting our business. Just a handful of the reasons are listed below:


We have been in the business for a very long time and have a wealth of knowledge. Because of this, we are able to recycle your scrap metal in an effective and efficient manner, guaranteeing that you get the most possible value for it. We pay instant cash for scrap metal.


We try to provide our Bankstown clients with the most affordable pricing possible for scrap metal by offering prices that are competitive in the market.


When it comes to recycling scrap metal, we believe that providing excellent client service is very necessary. Because of this, we take great pleasure in our customer service. To guarantee that you are satisfied with the work that we do for you, we will always go above and beyond the call of duty.


When you pick us to recycle your scrap metal, you can have peace of mind knowing that it will be handled responsibly since we have the necessary licences and insurance policies.

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Please note that all stated prices are based on delivery to our scrap yard. Prices are given as an estimate and are subject to change without notice. Please call us for current pricing for your specific metal type.

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