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We offer scrap metal recycling services for non-ferrous metals.
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For sure you will be finding a way to Aluminium recycling Sydney service in the most comfortable manner from our service.
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We buy all kinds of scraps such as: copper, brass, cables, aluminum and steel.

Pick Ups

Our trucks pick up non-ferrous metal all around Sydney Areas.

Best Nonferrous Metal Recycling Near Sydney

AME Scrap Metal Recycling is a prominent player for all scrap metals in Moorebank and Sydney.We are dealers and exporters of various types of nonferrous metal recycling. We are a company that deals in the buying and selling of various scrap metals. We provide high quality services and the best prices. The appropriate handling, processing, and shipment of non-ferrous and ferrous scrap metal is a part and parcel of our excellent service. If you are searching for metal buyers near you, check us out first because you won’t be disappointed!

AME Scrap Metal Recycling services clients all across NSW, and provides pick up service and quick payment for all non-ferrous metal. We offer the following non-ferrous metals recycling services:

1. Aluminium recycling
2. Metal Steal recycling
3. Copper Shiny recycling
4. Brass Pipes recycling
5. Aluminium Rims recycling
6. Copper recycling
7. Copper Pipes recycling
8. Copper Wires recycling
9. And other types of Non-ferrous metal recycling

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Why Choose Us?

Leading scrap metal buyers and suppliers, AME Scrap Metal Recycling produces ingots and ships them to more than ten nations around the world for further processing.

Our Pricing


Please note that all stated prices are based on delivery to our scrap yard. Prices are given as an estimate and are subject to change without notice. Please call us for current pricing for your specific metal type.

Who We Are?

AME Scrap Metal Recycling is a leading butter and processor of metal scrap near Moorebank. You can count on our metal collection services, followed by prompt payment.


At AME Scrap Metal Recycling, our executives will supply you with a superior and immediate solution to any problems that you may be having. You can be certain that AME Scrap Metal will handle your scraps in a professional and strategically sound manner. Call us, and you will be rewarded with the best scrap metal prices in Moorebank and Sydney.


Our scrap metal prices will accurately represent the current market conditions. In addition, by contacting AME Scrap Metal Recycling, you will be able to identify our nonferrous metal recycling services near Moorebank that are both the most practical and reliable. Contact the best metal buyers near you for superior services and prices.

Copper Shiny

Everything Is Taken Care Of Here

At AME Scrap Metal Recycling, we provide an all metal recycling service for non-ferrous scrap metals that is unparalleled in quality and is accompanied by prompt cash for scrap. Your scrap metals will be recycled in a fast and effective way thanks to the expertise and experience of the specialists on our team. We are devoted to providing you with the finest service possible and ensuring that your scrap metals are recycled to the fullest extent feasible. You also get the best scrap metal prices when you use our metal recycling services in Moorebank.


We maintain close relationships with our customers to guarantee that all non-ferrous scrap metals are gathered in an ecologically-sound manner, that all materials are discarded in the appropriate manner, and that there is no negative impact on the environment. We provide a variety of services, including recycling lead acid batteries, aluminium, and other metals, as well as metal recycling near Moorebank.


You need go no farther than AME Scrap Metal Recycling if you are searching for non-ferrous metal recycling that is dependable and of the highest possible quality. Our professional staff is committed to providing you with the highest quality assistance at the most affordable rates available.


Because we recycle all our metal collection utilising cutting-edge technology and processes, you can be certain that the materials you provide will be treated in the least harmful manner possible to the surrounding ecosystem. In addition, we provide a speedy payment schedule. Get in touch with us right now to get further information about our first-rate service for recycling non-ferrous scrap metals!

Call Our Experts Today

Call 02 9601 2301 or send an email to amescrap@hotmail.com if you are seeking nonferrous metal recycling and the best scrap metal prices near Moorebank. AME Scrap Metal Recycling is the company most knowledgeable in the area when it comes to metal buyers near you. We provide a broad variety of services, like quick payment for scrap metal, rubbish disposal plus recycling of metals and other waste materials. We take great pleasure in the quality of service that we offer and make it a priority to provide each of our clients the very best experience we can. 

We provide pricing that is competitive in the industry and are always delighted to provide guidance on how to get the most value out of the scrap metal you recycle. Get in touch with us for any assistance in finding the optimal solution for your metal recycling project in Moorebank.


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